Macaw Parrot Art Projects

Macaw Parrot Art Projects – Over the years parrots have been a strong subject matter for many of the paintings. The first birds were often captive birds in private UK bird collections. Many of the macaw painting commissions have been for parrot owners who love to have their favourite bird of species immortalised in paint. Macaws are long-tailed, often colorful New World … Read More

Absolute Hooligan – Hornbill Portraits

Absolute Hooligan – Hornbill Portraits by Sub Urban Bird Artist Tim Niall-HarrisAbsolute Hooligan – Hornbill Portraits by Sub Urban Bird Artist Tim Niall-Harris Hornbills a wonderful characters of the bird world and maybe the original Absolute Hooligans I painted in the bird world. I have visited them as a subject on numerous occasions and they will continue to inspire new … Read More


Tim Niall-Harris Bird Artist – Currently working on a wide range of bird art projects commissions for private clients in the studio. Each year work revolves around work in the studio in the UK mixed with art projects for clients in the wild corners of the world. From the hills and mountains of the UK to the outback of Australia, … Read More