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Studio based in North east Scotland

Artist biography - Tim Niall-Harris and his creative journey began painting in the remote corners of the world. Painting in Australia, Africa and the Highland of Scotland.

As his practice developed, Tim’s exotic bird species, game bird paintings and working sporting dogs have found their way into the galleries and homes of collectors in the UK and the world. Working in a wide range of mediums from traditional oils to modern acrylics. Tim’s art gives voices to the rare and exotic bird species of the world, grouse, partridge and working gun dogs.

Deeply connected to the wild places where his studio can be found in the Highlands of Scotland, but firmly connected to the contemporary. Based on North East Scotland and venturing out of the hills for art projects and in all corners of the world. Currently working on art projects featuring a wide range of bird species. Painting parrots of South America - Australia, Hornbills of Africa - Asia, British game bird art and working gun dogs and retrievers.

Tim's paintings can be found on walls and in private client collections around the world.

Featuring - Woodcock - Red Grouse - Pheasant - Partridge - Parrots of the world - Working Gun Dogs.

contact - red grouse portrait by game bird artist Tim Niall-Harris Scotland
Red Grouse - Oil on canvas