Doorways & Alleyways – Berlin Street Street Art Roaming

Doorways & Alleyways – Berlin Street Street Art Roaming – Including doorways, alleyways, building sites and the Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin with sub urban bird artist artist Tim Niall-Harris. The former city mayor described Berlin as “poor and sexy”. Graffiti and street art just fit right into this slogan and we love this city!   Wrinkles of the City, a series … Read More

Exquisite Hooligan – Studio Pheasant Portrait

Exquisite Hooligan – Studio Pheasant Portrait – The art studio is surrounded by one of the leading classic Scottish sporting estates on Speyside, Scotland and that means a healthy population of wildlife, including pheasant. One of the cock Black necked pheasants has set up his territory on the edge of a field and our garden. With the bird feeders we … Read More


Bird ArtTim Niall-Harris Bird Artist – Currently working on a wide range of bird art projects commissions for private clients in the studio. Each year work revolves around work in the studio in the UK mixed with art projects for clients in the wild corners of the world. From the hills and mountains of the UK to the outback of … Read More


Tim Niall-Harris Bird Art Studio Tim Niall-Harris Sub Urban Bird ArtistTim Niall-Harris Sub Urban Bird Art – The creative journey began painting in the remote corners of the world. Painting in Australia, Africa and the Highland of Scotland. As his practice developed, Tim’s exotic bird species, game bird paintings have found their way into the galleries and homes of collectors … Read More