An artists blog - A creative journey began with painting in the remote corners of the world. Painting in Australia, Africa and the Highland of Scotland.

Deeply connected to the wild places where his studio can be found in the Highlands of Scotland, but firmly connected to the contemporary. Based on North East Scotland and venturing out of the hills for art projects and in all corners of the world. Currently working on art projects featuring a wide range of bird species. Painting parrots of South America - Australia, Hornbills of Africa - Asia, British game bird art and Scottish Estate fishing beats.

Featuring - Woodcock Art - Red Grouse Art - Pheasant Art - Partridge Art - Scottish Estate Fishing Beats Art - Parrots of the world.

Exquisite Hooligan – Studio Pheasant Portrait

Exquisite Hooligan – Studio Pheasant Portrait – The art studio is surrounded by one of the leading classic Scottish sporting estates on Speyside, Scotland and that means a healthy population of wildlife, including pheasant. One of the cock Black necked … Read More