Bird Art Projects

Working on a wide range of bird art projects and sub urban bird art commissions for private clients in the studio.

Each year work revolves around work in the studio in the UK mixed with art projects in other corners of the world. Roaming doorways and alleyways in search of art spaces. Maybe Melbourne, Australia - London - Perth, Australia - Berlin, Germany, Dublin or at the studio in Northern Scotland. All amazing urban environments with street art scenes, that in their own way mirror many of the habitats and the pressures on the inhabitants where the avian subjects of the paintings live in the wild.

Working with a mixture of mediums. Classic oil, watercolour and acrylic for the Highland estate projects. Mix that with traditional oil and acrylic paints, ink, graffiti cleaner, Scottish peat and Highland midges entombed in paint and giving a voice to the rare and exotic bird species of the world. 

Deeply connected to the wild places of the world the art studio can be found in the Highlands of Scotland. However much the remote influences the art the work, it is firmly connected to the contemporary urban art scene. Absolute Hooligan exotic bird paintings can be found on walls and in private client collections around the world.

Currently working on species including parrots and macaws of South America, Hornbills of Africa - Asia, Scottish grouse species and game bird art.

Tim Niall-Harris - Bird Art Projects

Speyside red grouse portrait painting by tim niall harris
Tim Niall-Harris - Bird Artist