Exquisite Hooligan – Studio Pheasant Portrait

Exquisite Hooligan - Studio Pheasant Portrait - The art studio is surrounded by one of the leading classic Scottish sporting estates on Speyside, Scotland and that means a healthy population of wildlife, including pheasant. One of the cock Black necked pheasants has set up his territory on the edge of a field and our garden. With the bird feeders we have in the garden for all the wild bird population he soon became a regular visitor to the feeder through the dark winter months. After a short period of time my wife had named him ' Philbert ' and he became very used to our presence and with feeding I was able to get very close to him. As spring arrived he started calling the hen birds into the feeding station and now we have about a dozen hen pheasants and Philbert. So time for a portrait to record this great character of the pheasant world.

The 24' x 24" stretched canvas was first distressed by layers of Liquitex acrylic paint and Montana Gold spray paint. In to the wet paint was added Highland peat to give it texture and the remains of Highland midges that stuck themselves to the wet paint whilst it was out side for the initial back painting. Once the back ground was complete the portrait in acrylic, spray paint and graffiti cleaner was worked up.

Now we have Philbert the pheasant inside and outside the studio.

The Caucasian pheasant was originally brought to England from Turkey by the Romans. Finding a pure wild Caucasian pheasant is very rare, and while you can buy the birds from game farms although they are usually cross-breeds. The World Pheasant Association (WPA) are part of critical work to save the bird.

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Exquisite Hooligan - Studio Pheasant Portrait