Perth Street Art Projects – Western Australia

Perth Street Art Projects - Western Australia - They say "Consider Wolf Lane a curation of collectables" and for someone who has spent time in the city and roaming the wee bars area I think that sums it up. Collectables in the form of amazing street art projects by artists from the local and around the world.

Artist including ROA, Phlegm, Maya Hayuk, Alexis Diaz, Hurben, ELK and loads more to come. When next back in the city I plan to leave a sub urban bird behind but until then check out some photos of recent trips.

Nowhere is shining the light of progress brighter than the city centre itself. The commitment to brightening the city’s laneways and forgotten spaces under a local government initiative back in 2008 has paved the way for breathing new life into both the small bar scene and surrounding decaying facades and fixtures. The most prominent place to capture a glimpse of this movement is in a hidden pocket off the King Street Precinct.

One of the first laneways to be uncovered as part of a major project to revitalise empty spaces in Perth is Wolf Lane. You may not hear a wolf howl but you are sure to hear the sounds of revelry.

For more details if you are in the city check out 

Perth Street Art Projects - Western Australia

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