We may have been hidden by rags – Where it all started

We May Have Been Hidden By Rags - Where It All Started - 1980’s - UK Brighton - London Punk Scene.

Many of the first creative work was done for friends. Painted and bleached into and on to clothing from second hand stores and worn with style around London and Brighton UK. At the time we were like litter on the beach, but they were the early shoots of a creative life.

From the music scenes of London and Brighton work developed from simple painting on jackets through to expanded ideas of making clothing. Working with a fellow creative and mixing art and fashion using distressing, dying and hand painting techniques. Before moving on to new ideas work was sold in London's Carnaby street. Taking art onto the street in combination with punk fashion was just the start, before artwork moved on to walls and spaces.

From early 80's punk scene to sub urban bird artist.

Today work revolves around work in the studio in the UK mixed with art projects in other corners of the world. Roaming doorways and alleyways in search of art spaces. Maybe Melbourne, Australia - London - Perth, Australia - Berlin, Germany, or Dublin. All amazing urban environments with street art scenes. In their own way urban life mirrors many of the habitats and the pressures on the inhabitants where the avian subjects of the paintings live in the wild.

Working with a mixture of mediums. Montana Gold spray paint is the main stay of the bird art projects, mixed with Liquitex spray paint. Mix that with traditional oil and acrylic paints, ink, graffiti cleaner, Scottish peat and Highland midges entombed in paint. Giving a voice to the rare and exotic bird species of the world. 

Currently working on species including parrots and macaws of South America, Hornbills of Africa and Asia and grouse species of upland Britain.

Tim Niall-Harris - Sub Urban Bird Artist

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